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When your child has been arrested, and faces juvenile court detention, your family needs immediate help! Our law firm’s aggressive defense lawyers specialize in juvenile defense throughout Los Angeles County Courts, and right away work on a Pre-Filing Intervention, to obtain your child’s release even before a Detention Hearing is held in court by getting the criminal charges dropped or reduced.

With over 50 years litigation experience, the juvenile attorneys at Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP will provide your child with the best defense possible in Los Angeles Juvenile Courts. When your child is detained, and criminal charges have been filed in juvenile court, his or her first court date is called a Detention Hearing. Our juvenile defense attorneys work immediately and aggressively to win the child’s release by filing appropriate legal motions, presenting character witnesses, and even defense investigation results. Our firm has a private investigator on staff, able to immediately interview witnesses, document the crime scene, and often collect the evidence that the police have missed.

At the detention hearing the court will make the determination as to whether to continue to detain your child pending adjudication of the charges. The court will have input from the juvenile probation department, as well as from the prosecutor and juvenile defense attorney. The juvenile law judge will make a determination as to whether to continue to detain your child pending adjudication of the charges, based on numerous factors listed in the Welfare and Institutions Code: The firm’s specialized knowledge of the California Welfare and Institutions Code, along with experience of being former juvenile law prosecutors, enables our defense attorneys to get 99% of our clients released from custody including those charged Violent Crime, Sex Crime, Domestic Violence, Theft-Fraud, Burglary, Crimes at School, DUI and DMV Licensing, Vandalism, Weapons Charges, Bench Warrants, Drug Offenses, and other serious criminal offenses.

Our juvenile law firm understands that the client can best cooperate with their defense lawyers when he or she is free, rather than sitting in a Los Angeles Juvenile Detention Facility. Further, the best juvenile rehabilitation usually occurs at home, or in a specialized treatment facility, not jail. A juvenile client needs the support of his or her family to achieve rehabilitation, not the bad influence of juvenile delinquents sitting in custody for serious crimes.

If your child has been charged with a crime, and is detained, it is essential that you seek legal counsel from an experienced juvenile defense attorney at once so that you can preserve his or her rights and future, and obtain his or her release at a Los Angeles Juvenile Detention Hearing.

Contact our Los Angeles Juvenile Criminal Defense lawyers immediately, at 877-781-1570. We promise an immediate response to your inquiry 24/7. For clients’ convenience, we have numerous offices in Los Angeles County. Our defense firm specializes in the defense of minors and juveniles accused of criminal wrongdoing throughout the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court System including Sylmar Court, Pasadena Court, Inglewood Juvenile, Antelope Valley, Eastlake Juvenile, Long Beach, and Los Padrinos Court.